ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin)

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) (RVX Music) is an extended and customized version of the YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) app. It is designed to provide additional features, functionalities, and customization options beyond what the official YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) app offers.

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) APK Info

App name ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin)
Package name
Developer inotia00, rufusin
Size 42.9MB
Version 6.41.59
Updated on 2024 May 09

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) Features

  • Pure Black Theme: Applies a pure black theme to some components, enhancing visuals, and battery efficiency on OLED screens.
  • Background Music: Enables the playback of music in the background, allowing for multitasking.
  • Always High Audio Quality: Sets the audio quality to "Always High" by default when you first install the app, ensuring top-notch audio at all times.
  • Android Auto Support: Enables YouTube Music to work seamlessly with Android Auto by spoofing the YouTube Music certificate.
  • Customizable Opening Page: Adds an option to set a specific page for the app to open on, instead of the default homepage.
  • Customizable App Icon: Changes the YouTube Music app icon to a custom icon specified in options.json.
  • Customizable App Name: Renames the YouTube Music app to a custom name as specified in options.json.
  • Customizable App Package Name: Allows the change of package name for the non-root build of YouTube and YouTube Music as specified in options.json.
  • Customizable Playback Speeds: Adds an option to choose from a variety of playback speeds based on preference.
  • Disabled Captions: Adds an option to disable captions from being automatically enabled, for users who don't require them.
  • Dark Overlay Removal: Removes the dark overlay when comment, share, save to playlist, and flyout panels are open, improving visibility.
  • Black Navigation Bar: Adds an option to set the navigation bar color to black, providing a sleeker aesthetic.
  • Color Matching Miniplayer: Adds an option to match the color of the miniplayer to the fullscreen player. This feature was deprecated in YT Music 6.34.51+.

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) APK Download

The simplest way is to download Community ReVanced Manager and use it to install, manage, and update other ReVanced applications with user-friendly features designed for non-technical users.

Community ReVanced Manager 1.9.25  download icon

Or download and install latest pre-built version of ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) and MicroG, then you can use ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) with all its features.

Looking for older versions?

Want to build your own custom APK?

How to download and install ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin)

For Android:
  1. Remove all previous installations of MicroG and ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin)
  2. Download and install the latest version of MicroG here, note that MicroG is a background service so it may require some background permissions.
  3. Download and install the latest version of ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) here.
  4. Enjoy ad-free YouTube viewing.

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (rufusin) older versions

Version Uploaded Size Link
6.41.59 2024 May 09 42.9MB Download
6.40.53 2024 April 17 47.3MB Download
6.39.50 2024 April 17 49.0MB Download
6.37.53 2024 April 17 48.9MB Download
6.36.54 2024 April 17 48.9MB Download