ReVanced YouTube Music Extended

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended (RVX Music) is an extended and customized version of the YouTube Music Extended app. It is designed to provide additional features, functionalities, and customization options beyond what the official YouTube Music Extended app offers.

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended APK Info

App name ReVanced YouTube Music Extended
Developer inotia00
Size 43.8MB
Version 7.05.53
Updated on 2024 June 14

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended Features

  • Apply Pure Black Theme: Applies a pure black theme to select components.
  • Background Music Playback: Enables playing music in the background.
  • Default High Audio Quality: Sets the audio quality to "Always High" upon initial installation.
  • Android Auto Certificate Spoofing: Spoofs the YouTube Music certificate for Android Auto.
  • Custom App Name: Allows you to rename the YouTube Music app to a name specified in options.json.
  • Custom Launcher Icon: Changes the YouTube Music launcher icon to MMT, Revancify Blue, or Revancify Red.
  • MicroG Package Name: Specifies the package name for YouTube and YT Music in the MicroG build.
  • Expanded Playback Speed Options: Adds more playback speed options.
  • Disable Forced Auto Captions: Disables forced auto captions.
  • Custom Navigation Bar Color: Sets the navigation bar color to black.
  • Player and Fullscreen Color Match: Matches the color of the mini player and the fullscreen player.
  • Enable Compact Dialog: Enables compact dialog on the phone.
  • Custom Layout Filters: Enables custom filters to hide layout components.
  • Debugging Options: Adds debugging options.
  • Persistent Minimized Player: Keeps the player permanently minimized even when another track is played.
  • Force Shuffle: Enables force shuffle even if another track is played.
  • Landscape Mode: Enables entry into landscape mode via screen rotation on the phone.
  • Minimized Playback for Kids: Enables minimized playback for Kids music.
  • New Player Layouts: Enables new player layouts.
  • Return to Old Library Shelf Style: Returns the library shelf to the old style.
  • Return to Old Miniplayer Style: Returns the miniplayers to the old style.
  • Opus Audio Codec: Enables the Opus codec when playing audio.
  • Playback Speed Button: Adds a playback speed button to the flyout panel.
  • Sleep Timer: Adds a sleep timer to the flyout menu.
  • Reduce Eye Strain: Adds a grey tint to the video player to reduce eye strain.
  • Audio-only Playback: Enables the option to play music without video.
  • Hide Account Menu Elements: Hides various elements from the account menu.
  • Hide Labels in Action Bar: Hides labels in the action bar.
  • Hide Homepage Shelves: Hides the button shelf and carousel shelf from the homepage.
  • Hide Cast Button: Hides the cast button.
  • Hide Music Category Bar: Hides the music category bar at the top of the homepage.
  • Hide Channel Guidelines: Hides channel guidelines at the top of comments.
  • Hide Emoji Picker: Hides the emoji picker in the comments box.
  • Hide Flyout Panel Components: Hides components in the flyout panel.
  • Hide "Get Premium" Label: Hides the "Get Premium" label from the account menu or settings.
  • Hide Account Switcher Handle: Hides the handle in the account switcher.
  • Hide Ads: Hides ads before playing music.
  • Hide Navigation Bar Elements: Hides navigation bar components.
  • Hide "New Playlist" Button: Hides the "New playlist" button in the library.
  • Hide Playlist Card: Hides the playlist card from the homepage.
  • Hide Start Radio Button: Hides the "Start radio" button.
  • Hide Artist Recommendation Card: Hides the "Tell us which artists you like" card from the homepage.
  • Hide Terms of Service: Hides the terms of service container in the account menu.
  • Hide First Install Tooltip: Hides the tooltip box that appears on first install.
  • External Download Button: Replaces the offline download button with an external download button.
  • Settings Import/Export: Import or export settings as text.
  • Non-root Operation with MicroG: Allows ReVanced Music to run without root and under a different package name with MicroG.
  • Save Playback Speed Value: Saves the playback speed value whenever you change it.
  • Save Video Quality Value: Saves the video quality value whenever you change it.
  • Queue Menu Replacement: Replaces the dismiss queue menu with an option to watch on YouTube.
  • Dislike Count Display: Shows the dislike count of videos using the Return YouTube Dislike API.
  • ReVanced Settings: Adds settings for ReVanced to YouTube Music.
  • SponsorBlock Integration: Integrates SponsorBlock for skipping video segments like sponsored content.
  • Client Version Spoofing: Spoofs the YouTube Music client version.
  • Default Start Page: Set the default start page.
  • Crowdin Translations: Add Crowdin translations for YouTube Music.

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended APK Download

The simplest way is to download Community ReVanced Manager and use it to install, manage, and update other ReVanced applications with user-friendly features designed for non-technical users.

Community ReVanced Manager 1.9.25  download icon

Or download and install latest pre-built version of ReVanced YouTube Music Extended and MicroG, then you can use ReVanced YouTube Music Extended with all its features.

Looking for older versions?

Want to build your own custom APK?

How to download and install ReVanced YouTube Music Extended

For Android:
  1. Remove all previous installations of MicroG and ReVanced YouTube Music Extended
  2. Download and install the latest version of MicroG here, note that MicroG is a background service so it may require some background permissions.
  3. Download and install the latest version of ReVanced YouTube Music Extended here.
  4. Enjoy ad-free YouTube viewing.

ReVanced YouTube Music Extended older versions

Version Uploaded Size Link
7.05.53 2024 June 14 43.8MB Download
7.05.52 2024 June 12 43.8MB Download
7.04.51 2024 June 11 43.5MB Download
7.03.51 2024 May 31 43.3MB Download
7.02.51 2024 May 28 42.7MB Download
6.51.52 2024 May 15 50.0MB Download
6.41.59 2024 March 28 55.9MB Download
6.33.52 2024 March 07 48.6MB Download
6.31.55 2024 January 04 48.7MB Download
6.29.57 2023 December 03 52.3MB Download
6.29.56 2023 December 01 48.7MB Download
6.28.52 2023 November 28 48.6MB Download
6.27.53 2023 November 12 48.5MB Download
6.25.53 2023 October 30 57.8MB Download
6.23.54 2023 October 21 48.3MB Download
6.22.51 2023 October 09 48.0MB Download
6.21.51 2023 September 30 48.0MB Download
6.20.51 2023 September 25 48.1MB Download
6.19.51 2023 September 20 48.0MB Download
6.17.52 2023 September 05 47.3MB Download
6.15.52 2023 September 05 47.3MB Download
6.14.50 2023 August 13 47.3MB Download
6.13.53 2023 August 13 47.4MB Download
6.13.52 2023 August 13 47.4MB Download
6.12.54 2023 August 13 47.1MB Download
6.10.53 2023 August 13 57.0MB Download