ReVanced Tiktok

ReVanced TikTok is a modified version of the official TikTok app that removes ads, allows for background playback, and gives users more control over their experience. It is based on the popular YouTube ReVanced app, and it offers many of the same features.

Tiktok ReVanced APK Info

App name ReVanced Tiktok
Developer ReVanced Team
Size 288.9MB
Version 32.5.3
Updated on 2024 February 05

ReVanced Tiktok Features

  • Do not force login: You can use ReVanced TikTok without logging in to your TikTok account.
  • Removes download restrictions and changes the default path to download to: You can download videos in any quality, and you can change the default download location.
  • Filters TikTok videos: You can remove ads, livestreams, and even videos from certain users from your TikTok feed.
  • Allows logging in with a Google account: You can use your Google account to sign in to ReVanced TikTok and sync your watch history, playlists, and other settings.
  • Removes ads from TikTok: You can watch TikTok videos without ads.
  • Enables the playback speed option for all videos: You can watch videos at any speed, from 0.25x to 2.0x.
  • Adds ReVanced settings to TikTok: You can customize the look and feel of TikTok videos in ReVanced TikTok.
  • Shows progress bar for all video: You can see the progress bar for all videos, even if they are not yet downloaded.
  • Spoofs the information which is retrieved from the sim-card: You can spoof your location and carrier to get around regional restrictions.

ReVanced Tiktok APK Download

The simplest way is to download Community ReVanced Manager and use it to install, manage, and update other ReVanced applications with user-friendly features designed for non-technical users.

Community ReVanced Manager 1.9.11  download icon

Or download and install latest pre-built version of ReVanced Tiktok, then you can use Tiktok ReVanced with all its features.

Looking for older versions?

Want to build your own custom APK?

How to download and install ReVanced Tiktok

For Android:
  1. Remove all previous installations of Tiktok ReVanced
  2. Download and install the latest version of Tiktok ReVanced here.
  3. Enjoy ad-free Tiktok viewing.

ReVanced Tiktok older versions

Version Uploaded Size Link
32.5.3 2024 February 05 288.9MB Download
30.8.4 2023 November 28 265.1MB Download
30.8.3 2023 August 13 264.9MB Download
30.8.2 2023 August 13 263.6MB Download
30.8.1 2023 August 13 265.2MB Download
30.7.4 2023 August 13 266.7MB Download
30.7.2 2023 August 04 265.6MB Download
30.5.3 2023 July 26 262.3MB Download
30.4.5 2023 July 20 261.1MB Download
29.9.4 2023 June 19 250.5MB Download
29.8.4 2023 June 03 246.0MB Download
27.8.3 2023 May 24 211.9MB Download