YouTube ReVanced Extended v19.13.37 Released

revanced watch history bug

We are delighted to announce an exciting update to our ReVanced YouTube Extended, developed by the dedicated author, rufusin. Embracing inherited code, this new version has been updated more regularly, serving our users a series of enhanced and improved features:

Feat - Bump Support Youtuber Version:

  • 19.08.36
  • 19.09.38
  • 19.10.39
  • 19.11.43
  • 19.12.41
  • 19.13.37

Feat - Tuck away preferences: This feature is designed to optimize the default options of the patch, making it even more user-friendly.

Feat - Translations: In this update, we've enhanced the user experience by updating the Russian translation.

Chore - Update default patches: We've ensured our default functions work more smoothly and efficiently via this update.

Fix - Update settings menu: Our settings menu has been updated to offer users an improved navigation experience.

Feat - Custom branding icon: With an assortment of new icons, users can now further personalize their interfaces.

Feat - Visual preference icons: We added a new range of vector icons, allowing users to customize their visual preferences further.

Fix - Hide shorts components: New options have been fixed for a more seamless user experience in navigating through the platform.

Feat - Settings: We have moved SB and RYD to RVX settings, making it even easier for users to manage and access these features.

Feat - Overlay buttons: A new addition in this update, users can tap and hold the speed button to oscillate between the default and normal speed settings.

Our thanks to the community for their continuous support and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates to our ReVanced YouTube Extended by rufusin.

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