YouTube ReVanced Extended v19.20.34 Released

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Introducing the New YouTube ReVanced Extended Version 19.20.34

We are excited to introduce the latest updates in the YouTube ReVanced Extended version 19.19.39. This version includes several new features and fixes that enhance your YouTube experience.

New Features in YouTube:
  • Added some missing patches (Issue #51).
  • Added support for versions 19.19.39 through 19.20.34.
  • Introduced Spoof client patch for improved functionality.
  • In-app strings clarified for better understanding (Issue #47).
  • Updated Overlay buttons with new options like Hide live chat messages and additional Start page options (Issue #50).
  • Merged Hide related videos in quick actions setting into the Hide related video overlay setting for fullscreen components.
  • Added settings to Hide videos by duration and Hide videos by views count greater than specified value (Issue #48).
  • Changed the default value of Hide stats for nerds menu (ReVanced_Extended#2028).
  • Added Whitelist overlay button and updated its default value.
  • Removed Hide trending searches setting for Toolbar components (ReVanced_Extended#1993).
YouTube Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the Ambient mode control patch issue for YouTube version 19.05.36.
  • Resolved crash that occurred when the title of the engagement panel was null (ReVanced_Extended#2008).
  • Addressed the improper hiding of some action buttons (ReVanced_Extended#2023).
  • Fixed the Hide ads patch that was not working on YouTube 18.29.38.
  • Corrected the Hide carousel shelf setting that sometimes hid the library shelf (ReVanced_Extended#1970).
  • Fixed the Hide mix playlists setting that hid components in channel profile (ReVanced_Extended#2024).
  • Updated the Hide YouTube settings menu setting to ensure all settings are hidden (ReVanced_Extended#1964).
  • Clarified the summary of settings for the Hide suggested video end screen (ReVanced_Extended#1968).
  • Added a fallback for Fetch from rss feed to return shorts channel name (#45).
  • Fixed various issues with the Return YouTube Dislike feature, including display issues in Shorts (ReVanced_Extended#1565, #2041, #2048, #1987).
  • Resolved SponsorBlock errors when editing segments (ReVanced_Extended#2053, #1980).
  • Ensured default video quality applies correctly during playback (ReVanced_Extended#1959).

Translations have been updated to reflect these changes.

New Features in YouTube ReVanced Extended Music 6.51.53

The YouTube ReVanced Extended Music app also gets exciting updates with version 6.51.53:

  • Support for versions 6.51.53 to 7.02.51.
  • Clarified in-app strings for better user understanding (Issue #47).
  • Added Hide audio video switch toggle setting in Player components (ReVanced_Extended#2009).
  • Fixed the Hide fullscreen ads setting that also closed non-ad dialogs (ReVanced_Extended#1971).
  • Adjusted settings values of excluded patches due to incorrect settings alignment.

Translations have been updated for YouTube Music as well.

How to Fix Buffering or Playback Issues

If you encounter buffering or playback issues on YouTube, the Spoof client patch has been implemented to fix these problems. To activate this feature, navigate to:

Settings > ReVanced Extended > Miscellaneous > Spoof client

Note that the old seekbar thumbnails setting has been deprecated in YouTube versions 19.17.41 and above.

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