YouTube ReVanced v19.11.43 Released

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We are excited to announce that we have just updated our YouTube ReVanced to the latest version 19.11.43. This new version comes with a host of exciting features and resolved issues that will significantly improve your user experience and productivity. Here are the details:

    Bug Fixes:

  • Enhanced GmsCore Support: If battery optimizations have not been disabled yet, the system will now prompt you to do so.
  • Ad Visibility Control: The "Hide paid content" feature has been renamed to "Hide paid promotion label" for better understanding.
  • Improved Load More Button: The "Hide load more button" feature now includes a patch with "Hide layout components", and the button will now be hidden only in the search feed.
  • Better Shorts Components Management: If the navigation tab is changed using the device back button, Shorts will now be hidden correctly.
  • Player Flyout Menu Update: A new "Hide Lock Screen Menu" has been added to the player flyout menu.
  • Smarter Device Dimension Spoofing: The system will now warn you about potential performance issues related to device dimension spoofing.


  • Layout Customization: A new option that allows you to hide horizontal shelves has been added to "Hide layout components".
  • Playable Content Management: You can now hide playables in the "Hide layout components" function.
  • Shorts Components Control: Shop, Location, and "Save sound to playlist" buttons can now be hidden with "Hide Shorts components".
  • Shorts Components Control: Tagged products and search suggestions can now be hidden with "Hide Shorts components".
  • Enhanced Swipe Controls: You can now save and restore brightness levels with swipe controls, including an auto-brightness toggle.
  • About Preference: An 'About' preference has been added to the settings menu to help you understand our app better.
  • Improved Overlay Icons: We have changed our overlay icons to better match YouTube's style.
  • Support for Multiple Versions: Added support for versions 19.09.38, 19.10.39, and 19.11.43 as part of the ongoing enhancements.

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