Resolving the Watch History Bug - YouTube ReVanced

revanced watch history bug

Attention YouTube users, it's time to breathe a sigh of relief. The 'Watch history does not work'error has been fixed. The trouble began nine days ago when issue #2779 was reported. YouTube hadmodified its video tracking method, creating a bug in tracking history for anyone who used the Client spoof patch for YouTube.

The Issue

The bug manifested as users' history not being updated, only showing 'Shorts' and no regular videos.This issue occurred exclusively on the ReVanced version of the app, with neither the desktop versionnor the official app being impacted.

The Solution

The bug has been patched by the skilled hands of the ReVanced team. The team discovered thatemulating the client to an IOS device avoided playback issues and updated the watch history. Therewere, however, issues with this approach. The IOS responses were slightly different from regularplayer responses, spoiling the player layout. The current pushed code has partially resolved theissue. Your videos will load and also be added to watch history, although a timeout error maymomentarily stop playback.

Progress and Improvements

A significant improvement had been made in commit bcd8b48. It was observed that almost all non-Shortshistory was now appearing until late October with a few exceptions. Videos not watched by you,including videos unavailable in your country, might randomly show up in your history due to the useof incognito mode spoof value in signature spoof.

Note on Past Watch History

Please note that while the problem with future watch history has been addressed, this fix will notrestore your past history of watched videos before March 2024. You can view your old history at

revanced watch history bug


If you still encounter problems, ReVanced recommends uninstalling everything (ReVanced Manager,ReVanced YouTube, MicroG) and re-installing. Should new videos still not appear in your history,ensure that your watch history settings aren't paused or disabled. If the problem persists, tryusing a different YouTube account.

How to Apply the Fix

To apply this fix, you can download and install the latest version of ReVanced YouTube at

Additional Update

In addition to the Client spoof fix, the latest update of ReVanced YouTube and ReVanced YouTube Extended have relocated the ReVanced settings menu. Previously located at the end of the YouTube settings page, it's now been moved to the top, enhancing user accessibility. Now, whether you useYouTube for leisure or for work, you can continue your seamless journey on the platform.

Restoring Missing YouTube Watch History

If you used the Client spoof patch for YouTube, a chunk of your previous history may have disappeared. ReVanced Team have created a revised version of a script (Credits to GitHub user @guillaumematheron) with step-by-step usage instructions at to restore your watch history.

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