Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install?
  • Check your Architecture using CPU-Z app or any and download the suitable APK file for your architecture from below. 1
  • Install the downloaded APK file normally by opening it. 2
  • Then download and install the MicroG APK from below. Unless you will not be able to log in and connect your Google Account with YouTube ReVanced.
    But if you don't want to login, you can skip this. 3

Download & Install MicroG!

Download and install MicroG for YouTube ReVanced in order to be able to connect your google account with YouTube.
If you don't install MicroG package, "add account" button will not work.

ReVanced YouTube APK Download

Filename Version Size Link
ReVanced-YouTube-v18.03.36-cli_v2.20.0-patches_v2.158.0.apk v18.03.36 138MB Download v18.03.36
ReVanced-YouTube-v17.43.36-cli_v2.15.0-patches_v2.106.0.apk v17.43.36 154MB Download v17.43.36

MicroG APK Download

Filename Version Size Link
VancedMicroG-v0.2.24.220220-220220001.apk v0.2.24.220220 11.6MB Download v0.2.24.220220

ReVanced YouTube Music APK Download

Filename Version Size Link
ReVanced-YouTube_Music-v5.31.50-arm64-v8a-cli_v2.15.0-patches_v2.106.0.apk v5.31.50 63.6MB Download v5.31.50

ReVanced Tiktok APK Download

Filename Version Size Link
Tiktok-v26.8.3.apk v26.8.3 278MB Download v26.8.3