microG GmsCore

GMSCore or MicroG is an open-source alternative to Google Play Services, letting apps designed for Google services run on platforms where these services are unreachable. It bridges Android devices to Google Mobile Services.

MicroG APK Info

App name MicroG
Other name GmsCore
Developer oSumAtrIX
Size 39.7MB
Package Name app.revanced.android.gms
Updated on 2024 April 05

microG GmsCore Features

  • Opt-in to Google Services and extend application support: MicroG allows users to opt-in for Google Services and increases the compatibility and reach of various applications by providing necessary backend support.
  • On-/Offline location service: MicroG offers a UnifiedNlp (Network Location Provider) service that delivers location awareness to applications whether or not you are connected to the internet.
  • Easy on battery, memory and CPU: MicroG is designed to be lightweight and efficient, using less of your device's battery, memory, and CPU compared to traditional Google Services.
  • No bloatware: MicroG is free from unnecessary pre-installed software, providing a clean, streamlined experience.
  • Works on real devices, test emulators and virtual mobile infrastructure: MicroG can function not just on actual Android devices, but also on testing platforms and emulators, thus bringing flexibility to developers and users alike.
  • Free: One of the best parts of MicroG is that it's completely free, making it an accessible choice for everyone, regardless of budget.
From the update on March 28, 2024, the ReVanced team has changed the default package of MicroG to app.revanced.android.gms. Therefore, older versions of MicroG than v0.3.1.x will no longer be usable and a new installation of MicroG GmsCore will be required from ReVanced YouTube v19.09.37

microG GmsCore APK Download

The simplest way is to download Community ReVanced Manager and use it to install, manage, and update other ReVanced applications with user-friendly features designed for non-technical users.

Community ReVanced Manager 1.9.25  download icon

Or download and install latest pre-built version of MicroG here.

If you are using a Xiaomi or Huawei device, you might find using the microG GmsCore version more stable..

Looking for older versions?

How to download and install microG GmsCore

For Android:
  1. Remove all previous installations of MicroG and YouTube ReVanced
  2. Download and install the latest version of MicroG here, note that MicroG is a background service so it may require some background permissions.
  3. Download and install the latest version of YouTube ReVanced here.
  4. Enjoy ad-free YouTube viewing.

microG GmsCore older versions

Version Uploaded Size Link 2024 April 05 39.7MB Download 2024 March 28 39.7MB Download 2024 March 28 39.7MB Download 2024 March 26 25.1MB Download

microG GmsCore for Xiaomi / Huawei older versions

Version Uploaded Size Link 2024 April 05 39.7MB Download

MicroG outdated versions

Version Uploaded Size Link 2023 November 29 9.8MB Download 2023 August 29 17.0MB Download 2023 May 23 11.4MB Download 2023 May 23 11.3MB Download 2023 May 23 11.3MB Download 2023 May 23 11.3MB Download 2023 May 23 11.0MB Download 2023 May 23 5.6MB Download