ReVanced All Features

YouTube ReVanced. Elevate your YouTube journey with ReVanced: Replay videos, customize UI, hide comments, skip ads, and more. Personalize playback speed, quality, and seek behavior. Enjoy an optimized, ad-free experience with integrated tools like SponsorBlock. Tailor YouTube to your liking for a seamless and engaging viewing adventure.

YouTube ReVanced APK Info

App name YouTube ReVanced
Developer ReVanced Team
Size 149.0MB
Version 19.16.39
Updated on 2024 June 18

YouTube ReVanced All Features

  • Always Repeat Video Playback: Automatically replays the currently playing video.
  • Spoofed Client Playback: Emulates the client to enable video playback.
  • Hide Comments Components: Conceals elements related to video comments.
  • Copy Video Links: Adds buttons to the player for copying video links.
  • Customize YouTube Launcher: Change the YouTube icon and name as per your preference (default is ReVanced).
  • Disable YouTube Shorts: Prevents YouTube Shorts from playing when launching YouTube.
  • Disable Forced Captions: Stops automatic activation of captions.
  • Fullscreen Description and Comments Disable: Deactivates video description and comments in fullscreen mode.
  • Disable Fullscreen Panels: Prevents automatic appearance of panels in fullscreen (playlist or live chat).
  • Disable Zoom Haptics: Turns off haptic feedback when zooming.
  • Debugging Options: Introduces additional debugging features.
  • Download YouTube Videos: Adds support for downloading and saving videos using an external app.
  • HDR Brightness Control: Adjusts HDR video brightness based on system default.
  • Hide YouTube Shorts: Conceals components related to YouTube Shorts.
  • Remove General Ads: Eliminates general advertisements.
  • Hide Album Cards: Conceals album cards below artist descriptions.
  • Hide Autoplay Button: Removes the autoplay button from the video player.
  • Hide Breaking News Shelf: Conceals the breaking news shelf on the homepage tab.
  • Hide Captions Button: Removes the captions button from the video player.
  • Hide Cast Button: Conceals the cast button in the video player.
  • Hide Crowdfunding Box: Removes the crowdfunding box between the player and video description.
  • Hide Email Address: Conceals the email address in the account switcher.
  • Hide Suggested Videos: Removes suggested video cards at the end of fullscreen videos.
  • Hide Filter Bar: Conceals the filter bar in video feeds.
  • Hide Floating Microphone Button: Removes the microphone button that appears during searches.
  • Hide Info Cards: Conceals info cards in videos.
  • Hide Layout Components: Removes general layout elements.
  • Hide Similar Videos Button: Removes the button that loads similar videos.
  • Hide Dark Overlay: Conceals the dark overlay on the player when controls are visible.
  • Hide Seekbar: Removes the seekbar from the video player.
  • Hide Timestamp: Conceals the timestamp in the video player.
  • Hide Action Buttons: Removes action buttons beneath videos.
  • Hide Creator Watermarks: Conceals creator watermarks on videos.
  • Minimized Background Playback: Enables video playback in minimized or background mode.
  • Custom Navigation Buttons: Provides options to hide or modify navigation buttons.
  • Old Video Quality Display: Displays old video quality with advanced quality options.
  • Open Links in Browser: Directly opens links in your device's browser.
  • Custom Playback Speeds: Adds personalized playback speeds and remembers settings.
  • Hide Player Flyout Items: Conceals menu items in the player flyout.
  • Premium Branding: Displays premium branding on the home screen.
  • Remember Video Quality: Retains chosen video quality settings.
  • Background Removal: Eliminates the background from the video player controls.
  • Dislike Count Display: Shows the dislike count using the Return YouTube Dislike API.
  • Tap-to-Seek: Allows seeking in videos by tapping on the seekbar.
  • SponsorBlock Integration: Integrates SponsorBlock for skipping sponsored segments.
  • Old UI Restoration: Tricks YouTube into using an older UI.
  • Volume and Brightness Swipe Controls: Adjusts volume and brightness through swipe gestures.
  • Tablet Mini Player Layout: Enables the tablet mini player layout.
  • Custom Theme: Applies a personalized theme to the app.
  • Non-Root Operation: Runs YouTube ReVanced without root permissions.
  • Ad Removal: Eliminates ads within the video player.
  • Wide Search Bar: Replaces the search icon with a broader search bar, hiding the YouTube logo when active.