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Youtube ReVanced

In essence, YouTube ReVanced is a built version consisting of a collection of patches added to the official Google APK file. Each patch will modify a specific function to provide convenience for users. Below is a list of patches integrated into YouTube ReVanced.

Package name Version Description
always-autorepeat 0.0.1 Always repeats the playing video again.
background-play 0.0.1 Enables playing music in the background.
block-audio-ads 0.0.1 Blocks audio ads in streams and VODs.
block-embedded-ads 0.0.1 Blocks embedded stream ads using services like or PurpleAdBlocker.
block-video-ads 0.0.1 Blocks video ads in streams and VODs.
bypass-certificate-checks 0.0.1 Bypasses certificate checks which prevent YouTube Music from working on Android Auto.
change-package-name 0.0.1 Changes the package name.
client-spoof 0.0.1 Spoofs a patched client to allow playback.
codecs-unlock 0.0.1 Adds more audio codec options. The new audio codecs usually result in better audio quality.
comments 0.0.1 Hides components related to comments.
compact-header 0.0.1 Hides the music category bar at the top of the homepage.
copy-video-url 0.0.1 Adds buttons in player to copy video links.
custom-branding 0.0.1 Changes the YouTube launcher icon and name to your choice (defaults to ReVanced).
custom-video-buffer 0.0.1 Lets you change the buffers of videos.
custom-video-speed 0.0.1 Adds more video speed options.
debug-mode 0.0.1 Enables Twitch's internal debugging mode.
disable-ads 0.0.1 Disables ads in HexEditor.
disable-auto-captions 0.0.1 Disable forced captions from being automatically enabled.
disable-capture-restriction 0.0.2 Allows capturing Spotify's audio output while screen sharing or screen recording.
disable-fullscreen-panels 0.0.1 Disables video description and comments panel in fullscreen view.
disable-login-requirement 0.0.1 Do not force login.
disable-player-popup-panels 0.0.1 Disables panels from appearing automatically when going into fullscreen (playlist or live chat).
disable-shorts-on-startup 0.0.1 Disables playing YouTube Shorts when launching YouTube.
disable-zoom-haptics 0.0.1 Disables haptics when zooming.
downloads 0.0.1 Enables downloading music and videos from YouTube.
downloads 0.0.1 Removes download restrictions and changes the default path to download to.
dynamic-color 0.0.1 Replaces the default Twitter Blue with the users Material You palette.
enable-android-debugging 0.0.1 Enables Android debugging capabilities.
enable-debugging 0.0.2 Adds debugging options.
enable-on-demand 0.0.1 Enables listening to songs on-demand, allowing to play any song from playlists, albums or artists without limitations. This does not remove ads.
exclusive-audio-playback 0.0.1 Enables the option to play music without video.
export-all-activities 0.0.1 Makes all app activities exportable.
feed-filter 0.0.1 Filters tiktok videos: removing ads, removing livestreams.
fix-google-login 0.0.1 Allows logging in with a Google account.
general-ads 0.0.1 Removes general ads.
general-reddit-ads 0.0.1 Removes general ads from the Reddit frontpage and subreddits.
hdr-auto-brightness 0.0.2 Makes the brightness of HDR videos follow the system default.
hide-ads 0.0.1 Removes ads from TikTok.
hide-ads 0.0.1 Hides ads.
hide-ads 0.0.1 Removes general ads.
hide-ads 0.0.1 Removes ads from Inshorts.
hide-album-cards 0.0.1 Hides the album cards below the artist description.
hide-artist-card 0.0.1 Hides the artist card below the searchbar.
hide-autoplay-button 0.0.1 Hides the autoplay button in the video player.
hide-breaking-news-shelf 0.0.1 Hides the breaking news shelf on the homepage tab.
hide-captions-button 0.0.1 Hides the captions button on video player.
hide-cast-button 0.0.1 Hides the cast button in the video player.
hide-create-button 0.0.1 Hides the create button in the navigation bar.
hide-crowdfunding-box 0.0.1 Hides the crowdfunding box between the player and video description.
hide-email-address 0.0.1 Hides the email address in the account switcher.
hide-endscreen-cards 0.0.1 Hides the suggested video cards at the end of a video in fullscreen.
hide-floating-microphone-button 0.0.1 Hides the floating microphone button which appears in search.
hide-get-premium 0.0.1 Removes all "Get Premium" evidences from the avatar menu.
hide-inbox-ads 0.0.1 Hides ads in inbox.
hide-info-cards 0.0.1 Hides info cards in videos.
hide-player-buttons 0.0.1 Adds the option to hide video player previous and next buttons.
hide-premium-navbar 0.0.1 Removes the premium tab from the navbar.
hide-recommended-users 0.0.1 Hides recommended users.
hide-seekbar 0.0.1 Hides the seekbar.
hide-shorts-button 0.0.1 Hides the shorts button on the navigation bar.
hide-subreddit-banner 0.0.1 Hides banner ads from comments on subreddits.
hide-timeline-ads 0.0.1 Removes ads from the timeline.
hide-timestamp 0.0.1 Hides timestamp in video player.
hide-video-action-buttons 0.0.1 Adds the options to hide action buttons under a video.
hide-views-stats 0.0.1 Hides the view stats under tweets.
hide-watch-in-vr 0.0.1 Hides the option to watch in VR from the player settings flyout panel.
hide-watermark 0.0.1 Hides creator's watermarks on videos.
minimized-playback 0.0.1 Enables minimized and background playback.
minimized-playback-music 0.0.1 Enables minimized playback on Kids music.
music-microg-support 0.0.2 Allows YouTube Music ReVanced to run without root and under a different package name.
music-video-ads 0.0.1 Removes ads in the music player.
old-quality-layout 0.0.1 Enables the original video quality flyout in the video player settings
open-links-externally 0.0.1 Open links outside of the app directly in your browser.
playback-speed 0.0.1 Enables the playback speed option for all videos.
predictive-back-gesture 0.0.1 Enables the predictive back gesture introduced on Android 13.
premium-heading 0.0.1 Shows premium branding on the home screen.
premium-icon-reddit 0.0.1 Unlocks premium Reddit app icons.
premium-unlock 0.0.1 Unlocks premium functions.
pro-unlock 0.0.1 Unlocks pro-only functions.
promo-code-unlock 0.0.1 Disables the validation of promo code. Any code will work to unlock all features.
remember-playback-speed 0.0.1 Adds the ability to remember the playback speed you chose in the video playback speed flyout.
remember-video-quality 0.0.1 Adds the ability to remember the video quality you chose in the video quality flyout.
remove-ads 0.0.1 Removes all ads from the app.
remove-bootloader-detection 0.0.1 Removes the check for an unlocked bootloader.
remove-broadcasts-restriction 0.0.1 Enables starting/stopping NetGuard via broadcasts.
remove-player-button-background 0.0.1 Removes the background from the video player buttons.
remove-root-detection 0.0.1 Removes the check for root permissions and unlocked bootloader.
remove-root-detection 0.0.1 Removes the check for root permissions.
remove-screenshot-restriction 0.0.1 Removes the restriction of taking screenshots in apps that normally wouldn't allow it.
return-youtube-dislike 0.0.1 Shows the dislike count of videos using the Return YouTube Dislike API.
seekbar-tapping 0.0.1 Enables tap-to-seek on the seekbar of the video player.
settings 0.0.1 Adds ReVanced settings to TikTok.
settings 0.0.1 Adds settings menu to Twitch.
show-deleted-messages 0.0.1 Shows deleted chat messages behind a clickable spoiler.
show-seekbar 0.0.1 Shows progress bar for all video.
sim-spoof 0.0.1 Spoofs the information which is retrieved from the sim-card.
sponsorblock 0.0.1 Integrates SponsorBlock which allows skipping video segments such as sponsored content.
spoof-app-version 0.0.1 Tricks YouTube into thinking, you are running an older version of the app. One of the side effects also includes restoring the old UI.
spoof-signature 0.0.1 Spoofs the signature of the app.
spoof-signature-verification 0.0.1 Spoofs a patched client to prevent playback issues.
spoof-wifi-connection 0.0.1 Spoofs an existing Wi-Fi connection.
spotify-theme 0.0.1 Applies a custom theme.
swipe-controls 0.0.3 Adds volume and brightness swipe controls.
tablet-mini-player 0.0.1 Enables the tablet mini player layout.
tasteBuilder-remover 0.0.1 Removes the "Tell us which artists you like" card from the home screen.
theme 0.0.1 Applies a custom theme.
unlock-paid-widgets 0.0.1 Unlocks paid widgets of the app
unlock-plus 0.0.1 Unlocks plus features.
unlock-premium 0.0.1 Unlocks premium features.
unlock-prime 0.0.1 Unlocks Nova Prime and all functions of the app.
unlock-pro 0.0.1 Unlocks all pro features.
unlock-pro 0.0.1 Unlocks all pro features.
unlock-pro 0.0.1 Unlocks pro features.
unlock-pro 0.0.1 Unlocks all professional features.
unlock-pro 0.0.1 Unlocks pro features.
unlock-pro 0.0.1 Unlocks all pro features.
unlock-themes 0.0.1 Unlocks all themes that are inaccessible until a certain level is reached.
unlock-trial 0.0.1 Unlocks the trial version.
upgrade-button-remover 0.0.1 Removes the upgrade tab from the pivot bar.
vanced-microg-support 0.0.1 Allows YouTube ReVanced to run without root and under a different package name with ReVanced MicroG.
video-ads 0.0.1 Removes ads in the video player.
wide-searchbar 0.0.1 Replaces the search icon with a wide search bar. This will hide the YouTube logo when active.